Parking restrictions and controls

We control parking to improve road safety, reduce congestion and pollution, balance parking provision and ensure access for emergency vehicles. Road markings and / or signs indicate where there are parking restrictions. For more information about road markings and signs, please see the 'Know your Traffic Signs' guide, available on the Department for Transport's webpage - the parking section starts on page 40.

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Current parking restrictions in Surrey

You can view the current parking restrictions for all ten of the boroughs and districts we manage. The parking restrictions in Guildford borough are available on Guildford Borough Council's website, or by calling the parking office on 01483 444531.

We introduce parking controls by making a traffic regulation order (TRO) under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

A TRO is made up of two parts;

  1. a written part (the order or amendment) that explains the rules governing the parking controls, and
  2. plans which show where the controls are.

Written orders

To request a copy of the written part of our parking orders please contact us, explaining which area you are interested in.


We have transferred all the information from the plans onto an interactive map, from which you can also print a hard copy or PDF plan if you wish. To obtain a copy of the original PDF plan for a certain area please contact us.

Request a change

You can submit requests via the parking review process page for new parking controls or restrictions, or changes to existing ones.