Parking enforcement and fines

The changes to enforcement

Since 1 April 2023, on street parking enforcement in Surrey has been carried out by NSL, working on our behalf (Surrey County Council). Prior to that date it was carried out by the borough and district councils, on our behalf, and they continue to carry out parking enforcement in their car parks.

Parking fines

Where vehicles are parked in breach of formal parking controls such as on yellow lines, in permit bays without a permit, or overstaying on a time limited parking bay, civil enforcement officers can issue parking fines, known as Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). They can also issue a PCN to vehicles parked in front of a dropped kerb, in certain circumstances, and double parked.

Reporting illegal and inconsiderate parking

If you are aware of illegal or inconsiderate parking taking place and want to tell us about it, please send an email to with as much information as possible and we will send a patrol if there is one available in the area. If someone is found to be parking illegally, we can issue the vehicle with a penalty charge notice (parking fine). If the parking is just inconsiderate, we may not be able to take any action, but we can have a look.

Dangerous and obstructive parking

Where parking is dangerous or obstructive and there are no formal parking controls (such as yellow lines) in place, the police are the only authority that can take action against this. Examples of this could be parking close to a junction or on a bend or on a footway causing it to become blocked. In this case please report the problem to your local neighbourhood police team, on the non-emergency phone number 101.

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