Controlled parking zones

We can use controlled parking zones (CPZs) if we need to control parking in all the roads over a large Controlled parking zone entry sign example. Image is Crown Copyright.area.

  • There are large signs at the entry points to the zone to show when it is operating, like the example shown on the right.
  • Parking within the zone is controlled by yellow lines and parking bays, which may or may not include residents' permit parking bays.
  • Each parking bay within a CPZ is signed individually.
  • Unless signed otherwise, the single yellow lines apply at the time stated on the zone entry signs, which helps to reduce signs and 'street clutter'.
  • CPZs should not be confused with residents' permit parking. It is possible to have permit parking both inside or outside of a CPZ.

Request a change

You can submit requests for new parking controls or restrictions, or changes to existing ones, via the parking review process page.