Report the fraud or misuse of a Blue Badge

You can report misuse of a Blue Badge in Surrey to us in confidence at

We need to know:

  • the blue badge number: this is the first six digits made up of letters and numbers printed under the expiry date
  • where the misuse occurred
  • when the misuse occurred
  • and as much detail as possible

We take all suspected fraud and misuse of Blue Badges seriously and will investigate all reports, contacting the badge holder directly for an explanation if appropriate. We also work with the police, borough and district councils and other local authorities to investigate reports. In serious cases, our anti-fraud team may get involved. Blue badge misuse can lead to fines of up to £1,000 and possible prosecutions.

Please be aware that the criteria for blue badges changed in August 2019 to include non-visible "hidden" disabilities and so some people who are eligible for a Blue Badge may not show visible signs of a walking disability.

Due to confidentiality issues we cannot disclose details of ongoing investigations, but please be assured we will investigate every report of misuse.

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