Key Stage 3 fire and water safety school visits

Our Year 8 sessions recognise the increasing freedoms and independence that children this age are starting to experience.

Year 8 water safety

Children will learn how to stay safe around Surrey's many rivers, canals, reservoirs, and lakes.

The session will focus on reducing the risk of accidents in or around water, and will teach children vital survival skills that they can use should they find themselves or a friend in trouble in the water.

Year 8 fire safety

This session introduces topics including the prevention of wildfires, fire is no joke - the dangers of hoax calls and arson and the importance of bedtime routines for preventing fires in the home.

Our interactive and engaging session builds on the learning outcomes from our Key Stage 2 fire safety session, but can also be delivered as a stand-alone session.

For more information or to express an interest in these sessions, please email our Education Officers at