Mobilising roles in Surrey Fire and Rescue

Being a Joint Fire Control Room Operator isn't your average role. Working as part of a team you must be capable of working in a busy, often high-pressured environment. You must be able to multi-task, be an excellent communicator and be resilient due to the demands that such a dynamic job brings.

Reliability is vital to ensure that our Control Room can carry out a variety of emergency and non-emergency tasks to support and maintain an effective Fire Service response. This role is vital. You are the link between the public and operational Firefighters. It involves answering 999 calls, direct contact with other emergency services and the use of a dynamic mobilisation system to deploy resources across the County. This role is central to the Service's ability to respond efficiently and effectively to incidents across the County. You will be expected to liaise with internal members of staff to provide timely information and assist with the collection of accurate and timely data.

We are committed to employing the best people, to ensure the best service for our communities. This is not like any other job. It can be unpredictable, exciting and rewarding. There is also the satisfaction and respect that comes from providing a crucial service to the communities of Surrey and West Sussex.

To ensure that you succeed in your role, we are committed to delivering thorough and comprehensive training. We equip you to take an active part in resolving incidents by the use of specialised call handling techniques, allowing you to thrive in a supportive environment. We are committed to you as an individual in our service, and recognise your contribution. As such, after mandatory training you will undertake NVQ level 3.

Calls to fires are just a small part of the work though. Staff handle calls to all types of emergencies, which could be any type of major or minor incident: road, rail or air crashes, floods, chemical spills, threats to life or other confined spaces to name a few. You may also need to be able to give life-saving advice over the telephone to people who might be frightened, distressed and panicked.

Satisfaction will be gained from knowing you are delivering a vital service to the residents of Surrey and West Sussex.

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