Surrey Fire and Rescue open days and events

Fire service open day Fire Stations across the county regularly open their doors to the public. This gives Surrey residents an insight into the activities of their local fire station.

These events are a great opportunity to see the range of activities involved with being a modern firefighter, to learn about our crews, see our fire engines, and learn about fire safety!

Events will be publicised on our social media channels. Follow Surrey Fire and Rescue Service on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Nextdoor for the most up to date information.

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Fire station open days

Please note that there is no need to book, just turn up within the start and finish times. Please be aware that there is no parking at any of our fire stations for these events unless stated otherwise.

Egham Fire Station

Saturday 15 June. 10am to 11am (Special Educational Needs) 11am to 4pm (All)

Chertsey Fire Station

Sunday 23 June. 10am to 11am (Special Educational Needs) 11am to 4pm (All)

Please note: Parking is available at Abbey Rangers FC.

Epsom Fire Station

Saturday 13 July. 11am to 12pm (Special Educational Needs) 12pm to 3pm (All)

Godalming Fire Station

Saturday 10 August. 10am to 11am (Special Educational Needs) 11am to 4pm (All)

Godstone Fire Station

Saturday 24 August. 11am to 12am (Special Educational Needs) 12pm to 4pm (All)

Service Open Day - Woodhatch Place

Saturday 31 August. 10am to 11am (Special Educational Needs) 11am to 4:30pm (All)

Leatherhead Fire Station

Sunday 8 September. 10am to 11am (Special Educational Needs). 11am to 4pm (All)

Charity car wash

Fire Stations around Surrey hold charity car washes to raise funds for the firefighters charity. Dates for our planned charity car washes can be found below.

Godstone Fire Station

Sunday 9 June. 11am to 3pm.

Water and Wildfire events

Come along to our outdoor safety events, learn about how to stay safe around open water and how to help prevent wildfires in Surrey! Please note that attendance of fire crews at all events is subject to emergency call outs.

There are no water and wildfire events planned at this time.

Firefighter 'Fire Fit' session

Firefighter fitness sessions for those who are interested in becoming a firefighter, a great opportunity to exercise together and gain insight on what being an operational firefighter involves. Please come suitably dressed for a fitness session, and please bring a full water bottle. These sessions are only for those who are 17 years of age or older.

Guildford Fire Station

  • Monday 10 June. 6:30pm
  • Monday 24 June. 6:30pm
  • Monday 8 July. 6:30pm
  • Monday 5 August. 6:30pm
  • Monday 19 August. 6:30pm
  • Monday 2 September. 6:30pm
  • Monday 16 September. 6:30pm
  • Monday 30 September. 6:30pm
  • Monday 14 October. 6:30pm
  • Monday 28 October. 6:30pm
  • Monday 11 November. 6:30pm
  • Monday 25 November. 6:30pm
  • Monday 9 December. 6:30pm

Reigate Fire Station

  • Tuesday 28 May. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 11 June. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 25 June. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 9 July. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 6 August. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 20 August. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 3 September. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 17 September. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 1 October. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 15 October. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 29 October. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 12 November. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 26 November. 6:30pm
  • Tuesday 10 December. 6:30pm

Have a go events

Join us for an day and discover what it's like to have a career in the fire service as on-call firefighter. Chat with experienced firefighters and learn about their journey. Open to Surrey residents, aged 17 years 6 months and over. Whether you're a student, or professional, this event is for you! We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders, and abilities.

There are no have a go sessions planned at this time.

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