Fire detection and fire fighting equipment

Whilst we do all we can to help stop fires, unfortunately fires do still happen. It is how we react to a fire that will then make a difference to you and your loved ones.

This section offers lots of handy tips and advice on how to stay safe and explains how fires are detected once they start.

Information and services

Fire detection and alarms

How we respond to automatic fire alarms and situations when we don't respond. Also includes information for businesses about the causes and consequences of automatic fire alarms and their responsibilities.

Extinguishers and fire blankets

Fire classification information, type of fire extinguisher for each class of fire and fire blankets.

Sprinklers and misting systems

Managing fire safety in your business using sprinklers and misting systems, including advantages and disadvantages of the two systems.

Smoke alarms for the hard of hearing

Information and advice on fire safety in the home for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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