Year 2 fire safety school visit

The Year 2 safety session includes an original animation, an immersive role play and activities that develop teamwork and critical thinking.

In our new animation, Farley, Merrow and their pet Floof teach children not to play with matches or lighters.

Children will learn:

  • What firefighters do.
  • What to do if you find a fire.
  • How to make an emergency call.
  • The dangers of matches and lighters.
  • What's 'safe to play' and when you should 'stay away'.

Book a school visit

Our interactive and engaging session builds on the learning outcomes from our Early Years Learning Box and crew visit but can also be delivered as a stand-alone session.

All our sessions can be adapted to meet the needs of children and young people with additional needs.

For more information and a detailed lesson plan, email our Education Officers at

Learn about The Great Fire of London

To support this topic we have worked with the Museum of London to offer an additional input as part of the Year 2 fire safety session. This includes a comparison of the fire service then and now and a discussion of what helps to keep us safe today.

If you would like to add this to your Year 2 fire safety session then please request it in the additional notes section of the Book a school visit form.

If your school covers this topic in Year 1 we have developed a Great Fire of London Year 1 presentation to enrich your learning. This is a digital resource designed to be delivered by teachers. If you would like to request a copy please email the Education Officers at

Please note, we do not endorse setting fire to models of houses as part of this topic as this implies that fire can be controlled and carries a risk of encouraging fire play and curiosity firesetting.

Great Fire of London Resource Pack

All schools are able to request a Great Fire of London Resource Pack to support the curriculum topic which includes:

  • Fact sheet
  • Fire engine tour video
  • What keeps us safe today activity
  • Colour relay activity
  • Comparing then and now

If you would like to request a Great Fire of London Resource pack please email the Education Officers at

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