Fire, water and road safety accessible school visits

Accessible to all

Our school visits are child-focused, age-appropriate, and accessible to all. All our sessions can be adapted to meet the needs of children or young people with additional needs.

Our Education Officers will work with you prior to the visit to identify the children's specific needs and provide suitable adaptations to ensure all pupils can achieve the learning outcomes.

This could include:

  • adapted resources (large print, coloured paper etc)
  • transcripts and subtitles for media resources
  • alternative activities
  • adjustments to the length of session
  • sharing materials in advance for adaptation by you.

Special school fire safety school visit

We deliver bespoke fire safety sessions to special schools throughout the year.

Following consultation with the class teacher we will design and deliver an accessible session that meets the needs of the children.

To discuss your requirements and make a booking please email our Education Officers at

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