Training for social workers

Our commitment to you

We understand and appreciate the importance of the role you do and we share the passion and enthusiasm you have for ensuring positive outcomes for children.

To ensure you feel supported in the day to day tasks and engaged in your continuing career as a social worker, we are committed to supporting you in your continuing professional development through:

  • comprehensive learning and development programmes,
  • regular training on relevant trends and topics
  • workshops and peer/social learning opportunities
  • further opportunities to enhance your qualifications, skills and professional development.

Career progression

There are significant opportunities for career progression across all our teams within Surrey.

Social Workers who wish to become Senior Social Workers will produce a portfolio of evidence which they will then discuss at a progression panel, chaired by the Head of the Academy. The Social worker applicant will need to be supported by their manager.

We will invest in you and support you to become the best you can be. This will help you, and us, deliver outstanding service for our children and their families.

The Surrey Children's Services Academy provides learning opportunities and supports the development of an outstanding and resilient children's workforce by ensuring we create a culture of continuous development.