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Mental Health Service

Our Mental Health Service provides a statutory service to all Surrey residents who meet social care eligibility criteria in line with the Care Act 2014 and the Mental Health Act 1983, in relation to their mental health needs.

The service works closely with its partners to ensure the best provision to service-users. We are leading the way in implementing new ways of working in a recovery-focused and strength-based approach. Our goal is for service-users to be able to make informed choices about the services they use, be more in control of their care, and to be active citizens within their community.

Specialist services

Our Mental Health Service provide specialist services tailored to individual needs. These services are grouped under the following teams:

Substance Misuse Social Care Team

The Team works with individuals with care and support needs secondary to their substance misuse from a 'recovery' ethos. The team is co-located with NHS colleagues who provide treatment services for the same client group. They also work closely in partnership with Mental Health, Hospital and Locality Services in ensuring that a marginalised group are provided with equal access to services. The Social Care Team works with community-based groups and peer mentors in developing social learning opportunities that support service users to reintegrate into society and maximise their potential. Referrals come via the Contact Centre, the Mental Health Duty Team and through the MASH Team, where there is a Safeguarding concern.

The Enabling Independence Team

Based in the east and west of Surrey, this team provides a county-wide service. The service provided is community based brief intervention that aims to develop and support individuals to maximise their independence as underpinned by the Care Act 2014. The team receives referrals from Mental Health Locality Teams and / or Substance Misuse services.

Prison Social Care Team

This is a dedicated social care team comprising of occupational therapy and social care to support people who have care and support needs who are currently in prisons and approved premises based across Surrey. This is to enable individuals to promote their independence by supporting their care and support needs whilst in prison or to support people for release planning to meet their care and support needs in their home areas.

Duty team

The team provides a single gateway for both professional referrers and people with mental health needs and/or carers to access Surrey Adult Social Care Mental Health services and to ensure effective management of new referrals into the service (including referrals for the Hospital Discharge Team). In addition, the team screens the Single Combined Assessment of Risk Forms (SCARF) submitted by Surrey Police. The duty team undertakes adult social care assessments and carers assessments using a strength-based approach, cases requiring on-going social work intervention are assigned to the Mental Health Locality Teams and those who Universal services can adequately meet their assessed needs are signposted by the duty team.

Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs), frontline and locality teams:

The AMHP teams are responsible for undertaking statutory duties as laid out in the Mental Health Act 1983, the Care Act 2014 and as part of the AMHP service. AMHPs in frontline teams are permanently on the AMHP rota. They undertake pure AMHP assessments and act as best interest assessor (BIA) in the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards' assessments (DoLS) if applicable.

The MH locality teams receive referrals screened by the duty team. The teams are responsible for undertaking section 42 safeguarding enquires, contacting service users, carers and establishing support needs. AMHPs in community teams carry a caseload. They complete adult social care assessments by applying a strength-based approach to support planning, complete reviews of existing packages of care, complete joint section 117 after care planning and work with partner agencies, including Community Mental Health Recovery Services (CMHRS). They support frontline team on the AMHP rota.

Hear from our AMHPs!

In the video below, some of our AMHPs have given an insight into what is it like to be working at Surrey County Council.

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Our roles

Listed below are some of the key roles in our Mental Health Service, current vacancies can be found by visiting our search for adult social care jobs webpage.

Roles requiring a professional Social Work membership

Social workers, senior social workers, mental health social workers, occupational therapist, senior occupational therapists, approved mental health professionals assistant and team managers.

Roles not requiring a professional membership

Carers practice advisors, social care assistants, senior social care assistants, support time recovery workers, senior social workers, enabling independence team workers and support brokers.

Training and development

In Adult Social Care, we recognise the importance of growing and developing our staff, so they are equipped with the experience, skills and knowledge to meet the future needs of our residents. To do this we offer a fantastic learning and development package that we have invested in to help develop and retain our talent who we know are the backbone of the services we provide.

We pride ourselves on our learning culture and offer a role specific induction as we understand how important your first few weeks with us are. We also offer a range of ASC specific training and resources as well as development training such as leadership and management in order to help you develop to your full capabilities

Below are some examples of our excellent offer:

Sponsored qualifications

In line with our commitment to continually develop our workforce, we offer a wide range of sponsored qualifications. The qualification is fully funded and is undertaken in addition to your role; therefore, you gain a valuable qualification whilst receiving a salary. We have seen a huge take up of this offer across a diverse range of roles. Below are some of the qualifications staff are currently undertaking.

  • Health and Social Care – levels 2,3,4 and 5
  • Management qualifications level 3 and 5
  • Project management qualifications
  • Business and administration qualifications

Graduate trainee scheme to become a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist

If you are internal employee and have been working in Adult Social Care or Adult Social Care Contact Centre for two years you may wish to consider our Social Worker/Occupational Therapist Apprenticeship Scheme. As part of our sponsored qualification offer, we provide opportunities for staff to study towards a fully funded social work or occupational therapy degree. This is a truly fantastic offer and a great way to become a social worker or occupational therapist. For more information about this scheme please contact our Professional Development Team at

Additionally, we regularly support newly qualified social workers in their assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE), offer work placement and internal training opportunities such as best interest assessor and approved mental health practice, to name a few. The following video tells us about the role and the training pathway to become an approved mental health professional.

How to become an AMHP

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Contact us!

If you would like to talk to us regarding roles in the Mental Health Service, please send us a brief email telling us what roles you are interested in, to the MH recruitment team: