Trade Unions

Thousands of Surrey County Council staff are members of a trade union. You can join with your colleagues to get involved in making your workplace a better place for all and get the support you need while working for Surrey.

What is a trade union and what can it do for me?

A trade union is an independent association of employees that has banded together to achieve common goals. Trade unions are independent of management and, through their elected leaders, will discuss on behalf of their members, with the employer to make their collective voice heard. This takes many forms including:

  • Having their say on issues like pay, terms and conditions, and health and safety
  • Individual representation on issues like grievances, disciplinary procedures and capability procedures as well as welfare issues
  • And other services exclusive to union members, such as free legal and financial advice.

At Surrey County Council unions meet very regularly with the council's management to discuss a wide variety of issues and to feedback staff concerns and issues. Through strong membership, negotiation and workplace activity, trade unions are the easiest and most effective way of getting your voice heard.

How do I join a trade union?

Joining a union is easy. You can join online or contact the union for a membership form (see contact details below). You'll need to give details about who you are, your job and agree to abide by the union's rules for membership. Unions charge a small subscription fee each month to cover the services they provide. How much you pay sometimes depends on how much you earn, but is generally around £15 a month.

You can have your union subscription fees directly deducted from your salary each month or pay by Direct Debit.

You will find leaflets about trade unions on noticeboard's around your location. Or you can see below for website details for the trade union most relevant to you. If there is no union noticeboard in your workplace you can ask your union or your manager if one could be supplied.

Which union can I join?

Surrey County Council recognises twelve trade unions. Together, these unions form the Surrey County Council Trades Union (SCCTU) Group. Some unions are 'general' unions that any Surrey employee can join. Others are for specific jobs, such as teachers or firefighters. You can join the union that is right for you.

Negotiating on pay and terms and conditions

Surrey County Council recognises UNISON and the GMB for the purposes of negotiating on the pay, terms and conditions of all general staff. Separate, national and local negotiating machinery exists for teachers and firefighters. We will invite other recognised trade unions into negotiations on issues which affect their members.

How can I get active in the union?

Different unions have a wide variety of ways in which you can get involved. Unions will have meetings for all members on a regular basis. You could become a representative in your office, supporting the union in the workplace, getting feedback from union members and supporting them through issues. All activists will get free training through the union, speak to your union to find out more.

Surrey County Council Trade Unions Group

All recognised trade unions and associations in Surrey are members of the Surrey County Council Trade Unions (SCCTU). The main aim of SCCTU is to speak as one body in response to SCC initiatives and to represent the interests of its constituent bodies and their members.

Unions for Surrey County Council staff

Union Categories of staffContact Contact e-mail
AEP Educational psychologists No contact name available No contact e-mail available
ASCL Head Teachers Simon Potten
CYWU/Unite Community and youth workers Darren Smith
FBU Firefighters Jamie Devey
GMB All staff on Surrey Pay Stuart Fegan Stuart.
NASUWT Teachers Nick Trier or or call 03330 145550
NAHT Head Teachers Gail Larkin
NEU Surrey Education Tamsin Honeybourne or or call the advice line 0345 811 8111
UCU Post-16 education workers Mike Moran
UNISON Surrey All staff on Surrey Pay Paul Couchman or Russ Harland
Voice Community Teacher Ted Purcell

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