Ensemble membership information


The cost of ensemble membership per term for 2023 to 24:

  • County ensembles: £100.00, (as members of a county ensemble you can to take part in other county and area ensembles at no extra cost)
  • Area ensembles: £81.00 (as members of an area ensemble you can take part in other area ensembles at no extra cost)
  • Ensemble membership is free to pupils who are eligible for free school meals, Surrey Young Carers and Looked After Children.

Rehearsals and concerts

Ensemble members are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts and should let the ensemble conductor/orchestral manager know of any unforeseen absence or illness. It is particularly important to ensure that any music you have taken to practise is made available when you are absent.

Medical information

When applying for membership, you are asked to provide any current medical information we should know about your son/daughter, including any medication required, whether or not your child carries their medication with them. This Information should be updated as necessary. If you prefer, you may put this information in writing and bring it with you to the audition/first rehearsal.

Photographs and video

From time to time our ensembles may be photographed or filmed for publicity in the local press, concert programmes, or on our website. Also, major events such as Royal Albert Hall and Barbican concerts are frequently filmed, with the resulting videos/DVDs being made available for purchase.

Centre Ensemble Membership - Terms and conditions

Definitions for the purpose of this agreement:

"Term" refers to one of the following periods: Autumn (September to December), Spring (January to March), Summer (April to July).

"Agreement" refers to these terms and conditions as entered into by Surrey Arts and the signing parent/carer read in conjunction with Surrey Arts' General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

By ticking the box when you apply for lessons, ensembles, courses or any Surrey Arts activity on our online application form, you agree to our Centre Ensemble Membership Terms and Conditions below, unless you notify us within 7 Working Days of receiving your offer confirmation (sent to the email address you supplied in your application), of your intent to decline the offer. If you have any questions, please contact us on surreyartsmusic@surreycc.gov.uk or calling 0208 541 9000.

1. Prospective new ensemble members are entitled to attend their first session with no commitment. New members should join an ensemble via our website; you will then be contacted with information regarding how to attend their first session. After the first session, you must contact Surrey Arts on surreyartsmusic@surreycc.gov.uk within a week of attendance if you do not wish to continue with the group. If you do not contact us, a commitment to continue with the ensemble will be assumed and the student will be contacted to confirm that they have formally joined the ensemble. This offer is applicable to new students only, or those that have not attended any Surrey Arts ensemble for 2 years or more.

2. Centre Ensemble membership entitles the student to access any suitable Surrey Arts music area ensemble across the county. There is an additional cost to become a member of an advanced county group.

3. Surrey Arts aims to deliver a minimum of 33 sessions per academic year for ensembles. We will endeavour to make up sessions cancelled due to tutor illness or centre closure. However, music centre payment is an all-inclusive fee and offers access to multiple ensembles and centres; therefore, no credits or refunds will be given if fewer than 33 sessions are delivered.

4. Surrey Arts is unable to offer refunds or credits for ensemble sessions missed by the student. The only exception is an absence of 5 or more consecutive weeks due to illness in any 1 Term when the fee for 5 sessions will normally be refunded on production of a doctors' certificate.

5. Cancellation: To withdraw from ensemble membership, notice must be given before the start of term, or the term's full charges will automatically be applied. Notice must be via the SpeedAdmin Customer Portal Discontinue Menu or sent by email to surreyartsmusic@surreycc.gov.uk,. Notice given verbally or in writing to the ensemble leader will not be regarded as notice. Refunds or credit will not be given if withdrawing midway through a Term.

7. You are entering into an ongoing Agreement for ensemble membership with Surrey Arts. Details of payment arrangements will be included with your invoice. Payments are to be made through the SpeedAdmin customer portal. If you do not make a payment by the date shown on your invoice, Surrey Arts will send you a reminder. If you fail to respond to the reminder; it will be regarded as a fundamental breach of the Agreement and the ensemble membership may be suspended. Surrey Arts will not accept any responsibility for disruption to ensemble membership from late payment. If you have difficulty in paying, please contact Surrey Arts.

8. Surrey Arts reserves the right to review this Agreement from time to time, normally at the end of an academic year. You will have the option to accept the revised Agreement or withdraw from lessons if they change. If Surrey Arts advise you of any material change to this Agreement to your detriment without giving sufficient notice to enable you to withdraw from the Agreement by the specified date, you will not be required to pay an administration charge or late discontinuation charge of notice in respect of the following Term.

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