What is wildfire?

A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire that burns in the wildland vegetation, often in rural areas. Wildfires can burn in forests, grass, heaths and commons. They are not limited to a particular continent or environment. Wildfires spread quickly, change direction and can 'jump' making them very difficult to contain. They are a danger to lives, homes, businesses and our wildlife and the impact of them is long lasting. It takes years for the land to return to its former glory, please respect our countryside and be wildfire aware.

Help prevent wildfire on our heaths and commons

  • 'Burger Off!' with barbecues, camping stoves and open fires in the countryside. They can quickly spread and get out of control
  • Extinguish smoking materials properly. Throwing cigarette ends on the ground our out of a car window can start a wildfire
  • Take your rubbish with you! Bottles and glass can start wildfire as they magnify the sun
  • We do not condone the use of flying lanterns, these can start wildfires, and pose a danger to animals as they can ingest the metal wire.

If you see a fire on our countryside

  • Immediately call 999 and ask for the fire service, giving your exact location
  • Do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself, get out of the smoke and into clear air
  • Follow the advice and guidance from the emergency services call handler
  • Get far away from the fire, it can spread incredibly quickly. Your safety is the most important thing

Be wildfire prepared

Wildfires can threaten businesses, and homes. It may seem unlikely that your home or business may become threatened by wildfire, but it pays to be prepared!

  • Reduce or remove areas of high fuel close to your home (vegetation, bushes or piles of leaves)
  • Be aware that dense areas of vegetation, hedges, timber fences or sheds, and dry undergrowth will allow a fie to spread from an open space to your home or business
  • Create an evacuation plan, including a list of essentials you and your family would need in an emergency

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