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Breaks for carers of adults

Most carers need a break from caring from time to time. This may be a short break for a few hours or a day, or a longer break for a week or two.

In all instances you are advised to contact our Adult Social Care helpline. The helpline will be able to advise you on a number of different breaks that may be available.

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Care choices provide a directory of care providers and care homes.

Crossroads Care Surrey

Crossroads Care Surrey is a leading, registered Charity that has been providing vital respite breaks to unpaid Carers in the county for over 30 years. Their core purpose is to improve the quality of life of unpaid Carers and the people for whom they care and to maintain and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. They support Surrey Carers by enabling them to take a break from their caring responsibilities, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the person with care needs is in the good, reliable and professionally trained hands of their Carer Support Workers. Their services operate throughout Surrey and include; three hours a week respite care; Social Clubs that give Carers an extended break and a variety of self-funded respite packages that offer extended time away from their caring responsibility. In partnership with the NHS, they also provide an unlimited End of Life service.

GP Carer Breaks in Surrey

Caring for someone can be unpredictable. In Surrey, GPs can refer carers for a GP carer break. This is a one-off payment that is used to allow you to have some time away from your caring role. Some people use this money to purchase replacement care for their loved one, buy a laptop to keep in touch with people or towards a bigger expense such as a holiday.

How can you access a carer break? First of all, you need to register with your GP as a Carer. Once your GP knows you are a Carer, they may discuss GP carer breaks with you and make a prescription if they feel this will be beneficial. GPs have some guidelines that they have to follow when giving carers break payments, meaning your GP makes a professional, clinical decision based on your health requirements.

The Action for Carers website has more information about GP Carer's Break payments.

More information

If the person you are caring for is eligible for an assessment, your need for a break from caring should be considered as part of any package of care drawn up in the support plan for the person with care needs. Most people now receive this support in the form of a Direct Payment which they can use to purchase services to give you, the carer, a break, or they may still be offered services direct, such as attending an activity or day centre, which again gives you a rest from caring.

If the person you care for is not eligible for social care support, you may still want to arrange a short break privately. In which case you can still contact our Adult Social Care helpline.

See also more general information for carers of adults.