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How to report grass cutting issues in your area

To report an issue with grass cutting in Tandridge or Mole Valley, please use our online form:

Report overgrown grass verges in Mole Valley or Tandridge

For grass cutting issues in all other areas, please visit your local district or borough council website:

We are responsible for cutting grass in Surrey, however, in most areas, the district or borough council carries out grass cutting on our behalf. The exceptions are Mole Valley and Tandridge where we cut the grass ourselves. We do not cut grass on private property.

Surrey County Council are responsible for co-ordinating grass cutting on all high speed roads.

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions about grass cutting page.

Grass cutting in Mole Valley and Tandridge

Surrey County Council carries out grass cutting in Tandridge and Mole Valley.

When do we cut the grass?

We can't give specific dates for when we will cut the grass in Mole Valley and Tandridge as it depends on weather conditions and how fast the grass grows.

The main cutting season is from April to September although we may start cutting as early as March with a final cut as late as October.

How often do we cut the grass?

We cut the grass in Mole Valley and Tandridge as follows:

  • In urban areas we normally cut the grass at least four times between March and October. An urban area is a built up area with a 30 or 40 mph speed limit and, for these verges, a ride on heavy duty rotary mower is used. The grass is cut to a higher standard than rural areas.
  • In rural areas we'll normally cut the grass at least twice between May and start of November, subject to weather conditions and operational considerations, apart from the sightlines at junctions which we cut as often as necessary for safety. A rural road is one which tends to have less density of buildings than urban roads and they are often tree or hedge lined. These grass verges are cut by tractor.

In addition to this, your local borough or parish council may pay for us to make extra cuts.

Apply to maintain a grass verge

Owners or occupiers of properties next to the highway can apply for a licence to plant and maintain shrubs, plants or grass verges at that location.

Apply to plant or maintain a grass verge

Parking on verges problem

For help with the issue of parking on grass verges, please see our protecting grass verges page.

Weed control responsibilities

In most areas across Surrey, the district or borough council treats the weeds on our behalf, the exception is Tandridge and Mole Valley where we control the weeds ourselves. Read more about weed control.

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