A need to change

We are committed to significantly transforming our transport networks to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, in line with the national target. Our new Local Transport Plan sets out the changes that we will all need to make to achieve this important goal.

Why we need our new local transport plan

Local Transport Plan (LTP4)

Information and services

Why we need our new local transport plan

About our new transport plan, our proposals, objectives and what they mean for you.

Our vision and objectives

What we want our local transport plan to achieve and how those aims align with our corporate goals.

Delivering our plan and measuring its success

How we will deliver our proposals and find out if they have achieved their targets.

Background and context

The data, research and consultations we used to build our local transport plan and why the plan is needed.

Carbon emissions per passenger kilometre

Data about the lowest polluting types of transport through to the highest polluting.

How to get involved

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