Our transport plan policy areas

Information and services

Planning for Place

Plan, design and improve local neighbourhoods to reduce the number and length of car trips.

Digital connectivity

Promoting and encouraging access to high-quality digital connectivity for all the people of Surrey.

Active travel and personal mobility

Prioritising walking and cycling to improve the health of the county.

Public and shared transport

Working with operators to improve journeys on public and shared transport.

Demand management for cars

Introducing measures to shift the priority from vehicles to active travel.

Demand management for goods vehicles

Measures to reduce pollution in Surrey caused by delivery vehicles.

Efficient network management

Managing the efficiency of the highway network to minimise the impact on people and places.

Promoting Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs)

Raising awareness of the benefits of Electric Vehicles to increase uptake.

Supporting behaviour change

Raising awareness to encourage more walking, cycling and use of public transport and electric vehicles.

Protecting the environment

Identifying and avoiding the impacts our proposals may have on the environment wherever possible.

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