Paying for school uniforms

Although state schools are free most will have a uniform which can cost the average parent £200 or more a year, including extras such as shoes and PE kits. Each school will have its own uniform policy or dress code and these are usually set out in the school prospectus.

Some schools specify a supplier that their uniforms must be brought from, especially for items such as blazers and ties. However, many schools offer schemes or hold sales where parents can buy good quality secondhand uniforms. You can also keep uniform costs down by buying generic items such as pleated skirts, shirts and tights from supermarkets and high street chain stores.

Surrey County Council do not provide school uniform grants but if you are on a low income you may be able to get some funding through your child's school as some schools have discretionary funds.

You could also check that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to by using a Benefits calculator on the website or through a website such as

If you are on certain benefits you might be able to get an interest free budgeting loan (GOV.UK) to help with costs.

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may also be aware of some local funding that could help towards school uniform costs.