What can’t be considered under the complaints procedure?

The complaints procedure does not cover:

  • first-time requests for services
  • requests for information
  • matters for which there is a right of appeal, or an alternative complaints procedure
  • matters which are, or could be expected to be, the subject of legal proceedings
  • complaints about matters over which we have no control (although we will help in directing or referring to the appropriate organisation or agency wherever possible)
  • complaints about policy decisions where the decision has been taken in line with due process (complaints about maladministration in developing, applying or implementing a Surrey County Council policy might be considered)
  • insurance claims
  • complaints about County Councillors

This list is not exhaustive and the Customer Relations Team has discretion to not accept complaints under the complaints procedure if there is a more appropriate dispute resolution process available.

Please note: The complaints procedure does not generally question the professional judgement of officers where this has been reasonably applied and cannot be used to overturn decisions that have been properly taken.

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