Our customer promise

We are committed to delivering excellent service

Treating you in the right way

We will:

  • put your needs at the heart of what we do
  • listen, be helpful, polite and treat you fairly and with respect
  • be open, upfront, and explain our decisions

Keeping you informed

We will:

  • deal with your request the first time you contact us, or as soon as we can
  • tell you what will happen next and by when
  • keep you updated of progress

Getting it right

We will:

  • do what we say, on time and to the right standard
  • provide clear information and advice
  • say sorry if we get it wrong and do our best to put it right
  • use your feedback to improve how we do things

Making it easy

We will:

  • ensure our services are accessible and responsive
  • make it easier, quicker and more convenient to deal with us

In return we ask you to:

  • treat us politely and with respect
  • give us your feedback so that we can learn from your experience