Policy on complaints from the public

This policy is an integral component of the council's Corporate Governance and Assurance Framework which you can read by downloading the Code of Corporate Governance shown below. It reflects the council's customer focused values and our commitment to listen to and learn from feedback from you.

The policy

  • We welcome complaints for the opportunities they give us to inform policy and improve service delivery.
  • We encourage customers to complain by making it as easy as possible for them to find out how to do so.
  • We maintain procedures for the management and investigation of all complaints made to officers and to Members, and continually monitor them to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • We investigate complaints thoroughly, objectively and impartially.
  • When complaints are upheld we put things right.
  • When we find maladministration has caused injustice we seek a remedy that would, so far as is possible, put the complainant back into the position they would have been but for the fault.

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