How to apply for Small Community Projects funding

If you are interested in applying for Your Fund Surrey Small Community Projects funding, check out our video and stages below to see how to do it:

Your Fund Surrey Small Community Projects Fund - How to apply

Stage 1: Contact your local Surrey County Councillor

  • Firstly check that your project is eligible and supports at least one of the aims of Surrey's Community Vision 2030. Visit the Community vision for Surrey in 2030 webpage to read it.
  • Contact your local Surrey County Councillor to discuss your project and see if it is something that they would consider supporting. Remember that councillors often get requests that exceed the amount they have to spend but they may be able to advise about other funding sources that could help you. You can find your local county councillor on our Your Councillors page.
  • If your Surrey County Councillor is happy to support your project, they will send you a link to the online application form and instructions on how to complete it.
  • Before starting your application, please watch the guidance video on how to complete the application form. We also recommend that you look at the sample application form, which will be available soon.
  • Please note any projects or individual purchases under £25,000 will require evidence of cost but, in accordance with Surrey County Council's procurement guidelines, for projects or individual purchases between £25,000 and £50,000 you will need to provide three quotations.

Stage 2: Complete the online application form

  • Follow the instructions provided by your county councillor and begin to complete your application form, please ensure you read our terms and conditions before submitting your application.
  • Once you have completed the online application form and attached all relevant documents, it is automatically sent to the Community Funding Team for assessment.
  • If you need support during your application, our team can help. You can email us at or take a look at our Frequently asked questions for small community projects webpage.
  • Once your application is received, you will receive an email confirming receipt from the Community Funding Team. You will be given a unique reference number which you should note down and quote whenever you contact us about your application.
  • The Community Funding Team will review your application to ensure that it meets the criteria, is deliverable and you have all the necessary permissions in place. The Community Funding Team may contact you to request further supporting information or to ask for clarification about some of the details contained in your application.

Stage 3: Approval and funding

  • Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email advising you of the outcome.
  • If funding is approved, it will take up to two weeks for the money to be paid into your organisation's bank account.
  • We require all successful organisations to provide us with evidence that the project has been completed. This helps us to account for how we have used our funding. It also provides images and information that we can use on our website and in our social media activities to share the impact of your project with the community.