Celebrating Surrey’s rare heathland

Get involved with Heath Week 2024

Heath Week runs from Monday 29 July to Sunday 4 August. It is a great opportunity to learn more about Surrey's rare heathland habitat and take part in free events. These events are organised by the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership (TBHP) and supported by local partners, including:

  • Surrey County Council
  • Surrey Fire and Rescue Service
  • Horsell Common Preservation Society
  • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

What are heathlands?

Heath Week shines a light on an incredibly rare wildlife habitat. Rarer even than the rainforest!

Heathlands are wide open landscapes dominated by low-growing shrubs, such as gorse, heather and the heathland grasses that give it its name. Heathland has only a few trees and no herbaceous plants.

Our heaths are home to some amazing wildlife.

Nocturnal birds come all the way from Africa to breed in this habitat. Heathlands are also inhabited by all six species of reptile native to the UK and rare butterflies you won't see anywhere else.

Sadly, in the last 200 years, we have lost roughly 84% of heathland nationally. This makes the remaining fragments super-special. For more information on heathland, please see our Surrey Heathlands web pages.

Free events

For Heath Week 2024, TBHP have organised a wide variety of events for all ages. Why not..

  • Join an adventurous treasure hunt, solving nature-themed clues to win a prize?
  • Explore the beauty of butterflies on a guided tour with someone to help you identify the different species?
  • Get up close and personal with the heathland's native creatures with the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust?

Please see below a taster of the activities available across Surrey. Please do join in the fun, try something new, and learn a little about why our local heathlands are so special.

Nightjar Walk Monday 29 July 8pm to 10pm Whitmoor Common

Butterflies & Other Things with Wings Tuesday 30 July 10am to 3pm Chobham Common

Sensory Scavenger Hunt Wednesday 31 July 11am to 3pm Horsell Common

Reptile & Amphibian Roadshow Thursday 1 August 11am to 3pm Ockham Common

Treasure Hunt Saturday 3 August 10am to 2pm Caesar's Camp Farnham

Details of all events can be found on the Heath Week webpages.

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