Rural England Prosperity Fund case study - Aaron the Arborist Aaron tree surgery equipment

Aaron the Arborist, bought a wheeled wood-chipper, growing his tree surgery business by recycling waste products into bedding for horses and mulch for gardeners, supported by a Rural Surrey LEADER grant.

Having completed his Arboriculture and Forestry training at college and through an apprenticeship, Aaron started his own business, The Arborist, aged just 23, in 2018. The business of tree surgery was growing, with Aaron supplementing his business by selling the wood produced as logs, as well as recycling his waste products to provide bedding for horses and mulch for gardeners.

This business was awarded a Rural Surrey LEADER grant to purchase a wheeled wood-chipper capable of dealing with wood up to eight inches in diameter. This machine will process wood on site in a faster and more efficient manner without damaging the floor of the operation site.

Project costs and grant awarded

Wood chipper

Total project cost £23,340

Grant awarded: £9,336

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