ATLAS - What have I learnt working with ATLAS?

As one of the apprentices who help to facilitate ATLAS, I have had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on inclusion and the importance of this. I have noticed that I think a lot more about accessibility and ways to include others since I have seen how grateful people are when you do try and put in the effort. This is a great feeling as I have been able to do what I can to make sure that people can access information easily. ATLAS have taught me that accessibility and inclusion go hand in hand you can't have one without the other.

  • "Accessibility is the key to inclusion."
  • "Accessibility to make sure that you can be involved, even if it does mean having to put a few things in place and just maybe have to work a bit harder, it should be done to make it accessible."

I have also been able to learn how helpful reasonable adjustments can be and that it is a legal requirement to fulfil these needs. Many ATLAS members have mentioned that some of these adjustments are free and fairly easy to implement like allowing a young person to wear headphones or ear defenders in class. This has helped me to look into what I may need to be able thrive in the workplace just like anyone else.

  • "So reasonable adjustment for me a lot of teachers will use funding or lack of resources as an excuse but there are lot that a are very helpful and free or don't need many resources that would be helpful to have. There needs to be more understanding that if I am asking for reasonable adjustment, I am not asking you to spend money or time it will work in your favour there are lots that you can do that are completely free. Like letting me leave 2 minutes early so that I dint get overwhelmed and thar really helped me."
  • "To me reasonable adjustments are plausible change that can be made that can make it accessible for me to work just like anybody to give me the chance to work to the best of my ability just cause the environment doesn't work for me shouldn't mean I am at any disadvantage."

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  • Reviewed: 07 Jul 2023

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