Youth centres and projects in Elmbridge

Details of activities in Elmbridge:

For more information about youth groups in Elmbridge, please contact Gary Nash on 07837 342614 or by email:

Young Carers Group

For ages 11 to 19

A free to access group for young people who care for a parent, guardian, family relative, friend or neighbour.

Walton Youth Centre (Thursdays 4.30pm to 6.30pm)

Other Youth clubs/centres in Elmbridge

Surrey County Council do not run all youth clubs in Surrey, other activities in Elmbridge are run by the following:

Building Belonging Programme

The Building Belonging Programme (BBP) works with and supports children, young people and their families to achieve their full potential and prevent them getting involved in crime and anti-social behaviour. It is available for children and young people under 18, and their families, who live or go to school in Elmbridge.

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