Family centres in Waverley

About the centres

There are two family centres in Waverley; one in Upper Hale and one in Binscombe. The family centres for Waverley are operated by Barnardo's on behalf of Surrey County Council. Barnardo's is a national charity with experience of providing targeted services for the most vulnerable children and young people.

The family centres provide one-to-one family support where family circumstances are having a significant impact on the health, development or wellbeing of the child/ children. Families and practitioners working with families, for example, GPs, health visitors, schools, early years settings can request family support for families who need targeted help. Requests for support can be made through Surrey Children's Single Point of Access (CSPA). The family will be contacted by the family centre when parents have agreed that they would welcome the extra help.

The family centre team will support families where it best suits the needs of the family. This could be in families' homes, at local community venues, or in the centre itself. The team will visit families most in need who live anywhere in the Waverley borough.

The centre offers parenting programmes and group activities about common issues, for example, strategies to help with family routines or keeping your children safe.

Contact the family centre to find out what services they offer and how to access them. Contact details for family centres in Waverley are listed below. For centres in other areas of Surrey, visit our main Family Centres page.

Waverley Family Centre - Hale

  • Address: Upper Hale Road, Farnham GU9 0LR
  • Email:

Waverley Family Centre - Loseley Fields

  • Address: Green Lane, Biscombe, Godalming GU7 3TB
  • Email:

Also available

If you live in Surrey, you can come along to a child health drop-in for health advice, information and support for you and your baby/child.

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