Extended schools

Extended schools provide a range of services outside of school hours for primary and secondary age children, their families and the local community. Some of these will be free but others like childcare will be charged for.

Schools are not expected to provide all services on their own site but will work with other schools in local confederations and signpost parents to where these services can be found. The expectation is that schools should provide access to:

  • high quality childcare from 8am to 6pm, either onsite or through other local providers
  • varied activities for your child including homework clubs, sport or music tuition and information on holiday activities
  • parenting and family support
  • swift and easy referral to a wide range of specialist support services
  • wider community access to sports, arts and ICT facilities, including adult learning

To find out what's on offer contact your local school or extended schools confederation for your area.

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