Mental health specialist services for adults

Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) has community and mental health recovery services dedicated to helping people with severe or enduring mental ill-health back on the road to recovery. The services are for adults aged 18 to 64. Please speak to your GP about being referred to these services.

Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) also provides specialist support on matters such as eating disorders and perinatal care.

SUN (Service User Network) is an easy to access community-based service for adults experiencing difficulties with complex emotions often associated with personality disorder. These emotions can affect how a person feels, coping with life and managing relationships.

Drug and alcohol misuse

Catalyst is a not for profit organisation who work in partnership with many organisations on providing support to people with mental health problems. They run a drug and alcohol service for people in Surrey who want help with their problematic drug use and / or are dependent on alcohol and want to stop. They provide counselling for individuals and loved ones affected by substance or alcohol use.

Support for veterans

Ex-military service personnel can also access a range of specialist support tailored to their needs. Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is a Veteran Aware trust and can help signpost to the most appropriate service.

Support for young people

Surrey has a huge range of support available to support children and young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing. Healthy Surrey provides more information and links.

Support for people with dementia

If you, or someone you know is becoming increasingly forgetful please visit your GP. It could be a sign of dementia.

Dementia support services from the Alzheimer's Society's dementia support service provides people affected by dementia with the personalised support they need, when they need it, by phone, online and face to face. The service operates at a local and national level, connecting people with support in their community, while offering phone and online help seven days a week. Please also visit our dementia support.

Support for carers

Looking after someone who has a mental health issue can be challenging and can have significant emotional impact on you. Support is available from Action for Carers who can help you understand more about the condition your loved one is experiencing and offer you practical advice and access to support groups. You can also view our Support for carers page.

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