Adults entering or leaving hospital

Planned hospital visits and stays

If you need help getting to your appointment there are organisations that can provide transport. Community and hospital transport organisations and services often offer either scheduled services or door-to-door transport to local hospitals.

You may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs if you're referred to hospital or other NHS premises for specialist NHS treatment or diagnostic tests by a doctor, dentist, or another primary care health professional. See the NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme.

Day surgery or pre-admission

If you're going into hospital for a pre-admission or day surgery appointment and know you will need specific care and support afterwards, let us know in advance so we can arrange for an assessment of your needs. We may also signpost you to other organisations that can provide the support you need.

Emergency admissions

If you, or your carer, are admitted to hospital in an emergency we have to consider if we need to make arrangements on your behalf to:

  • Make sure your property is secure
  • Make sure any pets are looked after. Ideally arrangements will be made with a family member, friend, or neighbour. Where this is not possible we will arrange a cattery, kennel or similar

You may be expected to pay any reasonable costs for us to make these arrangements.

Leaving hospital

If you're in an NHS hospital and will need care and support after you leave, this will be arranged for you in hospital. Our social care teams in hospital work in partnership with hospital staff and community health providers 7 days a week.

If you're not eligible for social care support, there are volunteer organisations in Surrey hospitals that offer information and advice to help you get settled back at home. See:

If you're going into a private hospital for surgery or treatment and think you may need care and support afterwards, you can search Connect to Support Surrey for services which provide:

You can also look for equipment and technology to help you live independently.

Getting to and from hospital

If you or a family member need to attend hospital appointments, you may be eligible for the Non-emergency Patient Transport Service or the NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme.

For other transport options for hospital visits see:

Community Equipment Service

Mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and walking aids to help you live at home can be loaned by our Community Equipment Service. You must have eligible needs.

Assess your needs

You could also ask us for an assessment of your needs. Only those with eligible needs can get funded support from us. Use our online support needs checklist to see if you are likely to qualify for social care support.

As well as providing you with information on the support you could access locally, the checklist will also tell you if you need to do a full support needs assessment.

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