Supported independent living

What is supported independent living?

Supported independent living can be ideal for people with a learning disability, physical disability or mental health need who want to live as independently as possible and need some support to do so.

Tenants of supported independent living are provided with accommodation and support. This can include support to develop daily living skills and can sometimes include personal care. Examples of daily living skills include but are not limited to planning and completing meal preparation and accessing the community.

Tenants make choices and decisions about their own lives; and can access the practical assistance and support that they need to participate in society and live active lives. Supported independent living arrangements can be delivered:

  • in self-contained owner-occupied or rented accommodation, which might be in small schemes
  • in shared accommodation - for people who may require a greater level of care and support and/or who prefer a group living environment but want to exercise a greater degree of choice and control over their daily lives than would be possible in a care home setting
  • through the Shared Lives scheme, which supports the matching of people with carers who wish to share their home in the long term

People in supported independent living have their own assured tenancy which secures them the right to remain in their home and to change their support provider if they wish.

How do I find supported independent living?

If you have had an assessment and are eligible for funded care and support from Adult Social Care services then talk to your social care worker about whether supported living would be suitable for you.

You can also search Connect to Support Surrey for details of supported independent living schemes near you.

The future of supported independent living in Surrey

We are committed to increasing the availability of supported independent living accommodation by 2030 through partnership work with independent partners and through the use of our own assets and resources. The supported independent living we are currently developing will be:

  • designed so that you can live your life your own way
  • created with your future in mind
  • within the heart of the community
  • designed to support and promote your independence

Information for care and support providers

If you are a provider of care and support services and would like more information, please see Information for adult social care providers where you can find relevant information on the services we commission, the different types of contractual arrangements, and the process for becoming a provider with us.

Below are some short videos that provide you with an indication of how we plan to deliver supported independent living.

Supported Independent Living for people with mental health needs

Supported Independent Living in Surrey

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