Sensory services

Sensory Services by Sight for Surrey provide sensory services across Surrey for people who are visually impaired, Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and those who have combined hearing and sight loss. Services include:

  • Communicator guides who provide specialist support to anyone with a combined sight and hearing loss and enable them to get out and about.
  • Hearing Loss Advisors who can support you in managing your hearing loss and ensure you are provided with the right support and guidance.
  • Qualified social workers and Deaf community officers who can work alongside you, your family or your carer.
  • Befriending
  • Training in specialist technology
  • Employment Programme which provides mentoring to people with a sensory impairment in the workplace or who are seeking employment.
  • A comprehensive benefits and entitlements service

Please see their website for the contact details for Sensory Services by Sight for Surrey.