Breakdowns, accidents and emergencies and passenger assistants for school transport

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Breakdowns, accidents and emergencies

If the school vehicle has not arrived within 30 minutes of its scheduled departure time for the journey to school, your child should go home.

If the school vehicle has not arrived 15 minutes after its scheduled time for the return journey, the school will contact us and we will try to make other arrangements. In the meantime children will be able to wait at school. If necessary they will be able to phone home to tell their parents of the delay as long as this does not prevent other people phoning the school.

If the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident your child must:

  • follow the driver's or passenger assistant's instructions
  • only leave the vehicle when instructed to do so
  • stay with the vehicle until either a replacement vehicle turns up or until a responsible adult, with your permission, arrives to collect them

If there is a minor incident on school transport we will be advised. We will advise your child's school which will contact you.

If your child is involved in a major incident, your child's school will:

  • contact you
  • make arrangements for children who are brought into school from the incident
  • liaise with us (or any other local education authority involved) and the emergency services to ensure that all children on the service are accounted for.

We will handle calls from parents not able to contact their children's school.

Passenger assistants

On some school transport we may provide a passenger assistant (also known as an escort) to children with an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP). Passenger assistants are provided on the basis of several factors including a child's age, their special educational needs or disability, the journey length, and the number of passengers travelling on a transport route.

All passenger assistants wear Transport Co-ordination Centre (TCC) authorised ID badges issued by us.

They are responsible for:

  • the safety and care of the children in the vehicle
  • ensuring all children delivered to school on the morning journey are accounted for on the homeward journey
  • ensuring that only entitled children travel on the vehicle and
  • staying with the children in the event of problems during the journey.

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