Parking news and updates in Runnymede

Parking review 2022 to 2023

Site visits for this review were carried out in July and continued through August. They are now complete. You can follow the progress of this review over the coming months on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page.

It is no longer possible to submit a request for this review. A new request list has opened for the parking review that will begin September 2023.

Parking review 2021

Implementation of this parking review has been completed. The Traffic Regulation Order has been made and all the new restrictions are in operation.

Site visits for the Runnymede parking review 2021 took place after Easter and continued through May 2021. Recommendations that came out of the site visits were presented in a report to the members of the Runnymede Joint Committee at the meeting on 7 July 2021 for their approval. The proposals were advertised during the month of October 2021. The final decisions report has been distributed to everybody who participated and is published on the Runnymede parking review 2021 web page.