Parking news and updates in Runnymede

Simons Walk and Roberts Way parking restrictions consultation

Thank you to everybody who replied to this informal consultation. Results have been distributed to those who participated. The new scheme will now be subject to a formal advertising and consultation process.

Parking review 2022 to 2023

Site visits for this review were carried out in July and continued through August 2022. Proposals were agreed with County Councillors and they have now been advertised.

The consultation closed on 24 February 2023. You can still view the original drawings and reasons for proposing changes on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page.

All the feedback received has been complied into a report and distributed to County Councillors. They have now read the report and jointly we have made final decisions on how to proceed at each location. The final Decisions Report has been published on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page. Detailed design will now take place before the lines and signs at those locations we are proceeding with will be installed.

Parking review 2023 to 2024

It is no longer possible to submit a request for the 2022 to 2023 parking review.

A new request list has opened for the next parking review that will begin September 2023. Please read this page for an explanation of how the parking review process is carried out.