Plans to improve walking and cycling

To take action on the Climate Emergency, Surrey County Council is working to achieve our Greener Future vision of a zero carbon and resilient county by 2050. With 46% of the county's carbon emissions produced by transport, growing rates of walking and cycling has an important part to play in achieving this vision, as well as bringing economic, health and other benefits to local communities in Surrey.

Nationally, the Government's ambition is to make walking and cycling the natural choice for shorter journeys, as well as short sections of longer journeys (for example, cycling to a railway station).

Surrey County Council introduced the Surrey Cycling Strategy (PDF) in 2014 which identified the potential benefit of Cycling Plans to help identify issues and priorities for improvement for cyclists. More recently, the Government produced best practice guidance for local authorities on the development of Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) [external] which considers what and where improvements to both walking and cycling infrastructure would be most useful.

It is our intention to develop improvement plans in all of Surrey's district and borough areas to guide future investment.

In addition to our medium and long term plans for improving cycling and walking facilities presented here, we are working to help everyone stay safe and social distance while out and about as part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic, using the government's Active Travel Fund for roads and pavements.

Cycling plans

Cycling plans have been developed for borough and district areas by that area's Local Committee and its partners, reflecting local priorities.

The cycling plans include desirable infrastructure which is not yet in place, as shown on our cycling facilities map.

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans

Surrey County Council were pleased to be awarded funding by the Department for Transport to work with them and Woking Borough Council to develop a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Woking, one of the first in the UK.

It is proposed that future improvement plans, including those for districts and boroughs that do not yet have either a Cycling Plan or an LCWIP, will adopt the new LCWIP approach, following best practice nationally.

Files available to download