Plans to improve walking and cycling

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans

We are developing a programme of new Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) [external] across Surrey by the end of 2022.

Based on latest guidance and best practice, LCWIPs help identify where new or improved walking and cycling facilities would be most beneficial and the type of facilities that are most appropriate. Once established, these plans provide a key tool for deciding how to prioritise future improvement works.

You can find details below on how to submit your ideas for walking and cycling improvements in Surrey.

Have your say

We are keen to get your input into the development of LCWIPs across the county.

You can tell us about local issues that make it difficult to walk or cycle in your area and improvements that you would like to see using our interactive walking and cycling suggestions map.

If you have identified a problem that is specifically related to a fault with existing facilities (e.g. a pothole) you should instead report this through our tell us about a highway issue page.

Please note that we are unable to respond to individual walking and cycling suggestions but will consider all feedback received during the development of the LCWIPs. We are aware that several national walking and cycling campaign groups have similar maps of suggestions contributed by members of the public, and we will also consider these.

We plan to regularly develop and review LCWIPs across the county and the interactive map will remain open for comments across all areas. This means that, even if an LCWIP isn't currently in development for a certain place, we will continue to receive your ideas for information when we next come to review the LCWIP for the area.

Current LCWIPs and Cycling Plans

In collaboration with Department for Transport and Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council completed the Woking town LCWIP (PDF) in March 2020, one of the first in the UK. Work is currently underway to develop further LCWIPs in the following areas:

  • Borough of Elmbridge
  • Borough of Runnymede
  • Borough of Spelthorne

Prior to the introduction of LCWIPs, Surrey County Council developed Cycling Plans which proposed infrastructure improvements for local areas. Cycling Plans will continue to inform our approach to cycling provision in these areas until superseded by an LCWIP.

Current LCWIPs and Cycle Plans in Surrey are shown below:

Delivering the improvements

We are currently delivering improvements to walking and cycling facilities through the government's Active Travel Fund for roads and pavements and several of our major transport projects. In addition, we also regularly undertake localised highway improvements.

Improvements that have been identified in completed LCWIPs or Cycling Plans will be taken forward in future projects, subject to funding and feasibility.

Why invest in walking and cycling?

To take action on the Climate Emergency, Surrey County Council is working towards a goal of net zero carbon by 2050.

46% of the Surrey's carbon emissions are transport-related and, as part of our Climate Change Strategy, investing in initiatives and infrastructure to encourage more people to walk and cycle are an important priority in achieving this vision.

In addition to carbon reduction, increased rates of walking and cycling have the potential to bring economic and public health benefits to local communities in Surrey.

Nationally, it is the Government's ambition is to make walking and cycling the natural choice for shorter journeys, as well as short sections of longer journeys (for example, cycling to a railway station).

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