Community vision for Surrey in 2030

Over the spring and summer of 2018, Surrey County Council engaged with residents, communities and partners across the county to understand what Surrey should look like by 2030. Informed by the conversations we had, we have been able to create a shared vision for Surrey. The council cannot deliver the Vision for Surrey alone, we will need the support and involvement of partners and residents.

By 2030 we want Surrey to be a uniquely special place where everyone has a great start to life, people live healthy and fulfilling lives, are enabled to achieve their full potential and contribute to their community, and no one is left behind.

Our ambitions for people are:

  • Children and young people are safe and feel safe and confident.
  • Everyone benefits from education, skills and employment opportunities that help them succeed in life.
  • Everyone lives healthy, active and fulfilling lives, and makes good choices about their wellbeing.
  • Everyone gets the health and social care support and information they need at the right time and place.
  • Communities are welcoming and supportive, especially of those most in need, and people feel able to contribute to community life.

We want our county's economy to be strong, vibrant and successful and Surrey to be a great place to live, work and learn. A place that capitalises on its location and natural assets, and where communities feel supported and people are able to support each other.

Our ambitions for our place are:

  • Residents live in clean, safe and green communities, where people and organisations embrace their environmental responsibilities.
  • Journeys across the county are easier, more predictable and safer.
  • Everyone has a place they can call home, with appropriate housing for all.
  • Businesses in Surrey thrive.
  • Well connected communities, with effective infrastructure, that grow sustainably.

To help understand how we established the Vision you can see the evidence base (PDF).

We have clear strategies and plans in place so you can see how we're planning to play our part in making this Vision a reality. However, the Vision cannot be delivered alone, so we have developed this style guide (PDF) to enable you to show your organisations commitment to deliver the Vision.

Watch the Community Vision for Surrey 2030 video without sound.

Partnership commitment

The partnership commitment (PDF) is a document co-designed with partners across the county. It sets out the underlying principles and expectations for partners to change and improve the way we work together to deliver the ambitions within the Community Vision and best possible outcomes for residents.

Files available to download

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