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Pre-application discussions for planning applications


We welcome and encourage pre-application advice discussions before a planning application is submitted to us.

On the 30 July 2014 the Planning and Regulatory Committee resolved to introduce a charging scheme for pre-application discussions relating to minerals and waste (county matter) development proposals.

We also offer a pre-application advice service on highway or transport matters. If you wish to seek this advice contact Transport Development Planning.

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Minerals and waste pre-application planning advice

The charges as shown below were introduced for all relevant pre-application proposals received on or after the 22 September 2014.

Charging for pre-application advice will enable us to sustain and improve current levels of service. The fees for pre-application advice will be in addition to the fees payable for the submission of planning applications and the chargeable monitoring of mineral and landfill sites.

The 'Minerals and Waste Pre-application Planning Advice' document available below, sets out the benefits of seeking planning advice on application proposals prior to submission and the proposed arrangements for providing pre-application discussions.

The scheme sets out three broad levels of pre-application engagement.

CategoryService Fee

Level 1

  • Free self service web based pre-application information and initial verbal advice

Level 2

  • Initial discussions with the planning authority to progress a development proposal.

Requires basic information to be provided in advance by developer.

Major applications

  • Site visit meeting (£1335 +VAT)
  • Officer meeting (£1065 +VAT)
  • Written advice (£675 +VAT)

Minor applications

  • Site visit meeting (£660 +VAT)
  • Officer meeting (£390 +VAT)
  • Written advice (£450+VAT)

Level 3

  • Where an initial meeting has taken place, to further scope the proposal and to provide relevant detailed advice on the content of a planning application.
  • To discuss consultee requirements including outcome of EIA screening and scoping.
  • To provide and facilitate feedback where draft documents have been submitted.

Requirements to be specified and agreed with the planning authority in advance of meeting, including payment of appropriate deposit.

  • Further meetings (Deposit of £250 required, Planning Officer attendance invoiced at hourly rate of £200 +VAT per hour)
  • Further meetings including specialists (Deposit of £500 per topic area, attendance by specialists charged at cost and Planning Officer attendance invoiced at hourly rate of £200 +VAT per hour)
  • Written advice (£675 +VAT)

To request pre-application planning advice please download our 'request for pre-application discussions form' .

Please send your completed form by email to Please note if you are submitting the request form and supporting documentation via email there is a 5 megabyte size limit per documents. When submitting the form by email you will still need to send the relevant fee by post (see guidance section 6. Payment of pre-application fees).

Alternatively you can post the request form, supporting documentation and relevant fee accepted in cheque format only to:

Planning Development Team,
Room 385,
County Hall,
Penrhyn Road,
Kingston upon Thames,
KT1 2DN.

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County Development pre-application planning advice

Separate arrangements are in place to deal with applications relating to Surrey County Council's own development such as schools, libraries and fire stations.

For further information on county development pre-application advice, please see:

County Council services or individual schools wanting to discuss the content or need for a planning application, or have any other questions should contact the Regulation 3 Planning Development Team initially through our Technical Support Team on 020 8541 9897 or at

Files available to download