Making a planning application

Planning applications for building, extending or converting homes, offices or shops are handled by borough and district councils

We, Surrey County Council, only deal with applications for minerals or waste-related developments, and for developments to its own property, such as schools and libraries (known as Reg 3 applications).

The applications we handle are often larger and more complex than most domestic (householder) or commercial applications. We, therefore, encourage all applicants to enter into pre-application discussions prior to making an application.

To make a planning application for minerals, waste or county council development (Reg 3) to us you will need to complete and submit the appropriate form. Applications and accompanying documents can be sent to us by email (, by post on DVD/USB memory stick or hard copy (not recommended).

Waste and Reg3 (but not mineral-related) applications can also be made direct to us or via the Planning Portal. If you provide documents electronically please keep each file below 10Mb and ensure all documents are in unlocked format - not secured with a password. Please note: download links from cloud storage/file sharing sites can be problematic due to our IT security measures. Generally, Microsoft OneDrive and Egress work, but we may have difficulty with other services. Contact us to check or test in advance of sending files in this way. We cannot acknowledge applications as received until we have successfully downloaded and processed the accompanying documents.

Application documents (in DVD/USB memory stick and hard copy format) and cheques submitted by post should be sent to:

Planning Development Team,
Quadrant Court,
35 Guildford Road,
GU22 7QQ

We strongly recommend that you use our Local List for the validation for your type of application and the help and guidance notes on making planning applications for minerals related development. This enables you to make sure you have submitted all the information needed for us to consider your application.

Please note an application cannot be considered valid until the appropriate fee has been paid. This can be done via the Planning Portal, internal transfer (for Reg 3 applications), cheque or pay online.

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