Local List for the validation of planning applications

The Local List adopted on the 13 September 2017, clearly identifies the information that the County Planning Authority (CPA) normally require to be able to register, assess and determine your planning applications. The level of information required depends on the size and type of the application.

The 'Local List' will:

  • Provide greater certainty to applicants about the type and extent of information required as part of their application at the earliest possible stage
  • Enable Surrey County Council's Planning and Regulatory Committee or the CPA to have all the information it needs to determine applications in a considered and timely manner
  • Minimise the need to request additional information from the applicant at a later stage, making the determination process more efficient
  • Ensure greater consistency in registering and validating applications submitted to the CPA.

The Local List consists of three annexes containing the local requirements for each of the development categories Surrey County Council control and a checklist for completion when making an application.

The document will undergo an initial review after two years or when necessary following the publication of any relevant legislation or guidance.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) Planning Advice and forms may also be required as part of your application.

Applicants are encouraged to supply as much information upfront as possible to reduce the need for pre-commencement conditions.

Files available to download