Development plans

The current development plan in Surrey consists of:

  • The relevant Local Plan and other development plan documents produced by each borough and district
  • Surrey Minerals Plan Core Strategy 2011
  • Surrey Minerals Plan Primary Aggregates DPD 2011
  • Surrey Waste Local Plan 2019-2033
  • Surrey Aggregates Recycling Joint DPD 2013

Surrey County Council produces minerals and waste plans - these can be viewed from our Minerals and waste policies and plans webpage. We are currently preparing a new Waste Local Plan that will replace the current Waste Plan. Other Local Pans and associated documents are prepared by the boroughs and districts.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) for each authority sets out the details and timetables for the local plans and other development documents that they intend to produce. LDSs are available from each district's and borough's website. The county council produces a Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS). This is available on the minerals and waste policies and plans webpage.

Surrey Design

Surrey Design and its Technical Appendix attached below were published in 2002.

Surrey Design was originally adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to design policy in the Surrey Structure Plan. When the Structure Plan was superseded by the South East Plan in 2009 Surrey Design ceased to have any county wide status although the design principles remain relevant. However some districts and boroughs specifically adopted Surrey Design as an SPD to support their own design policies and in these circumstances Surrey Design may continue to act as supplementary planning guidance at a district level. The relevant district or borough should be contacted to discuss the current relevance and status of Surrey Design.

The Technical Appendix is no longer up to date. Nevertheless many of the principles are still relevant and county officers may still refer to the documents in considering planning applications particularly where these principles are reinforced by more recent government advice. More recent government advice is now contained in Manual for Streets (GOV.UK) (published 2007) and Manual for Streets 2 (GOV.UK) (Published 2010). These later documents will always take precedence in the assessment of planning applications.

Local councils planning policies

Files available to download

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