Children, Families and Lifelong Learning

Leadership Team

Our vision

'Children and young people will be happy, healthy, safe and confident about their future.'

  • Rachael Wardell, Executive Director for Children, Families and Lifelong Learning
  • El Mayhew, Interim Director for Family Resilience and Safeguarding
  • Tina Benjamin, Director for Corporate Parenting
  • Patricia Denney, Director for Quality and Performance
  • Liz Mills, Director for Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Hayley Connor, Director for Commissioning

If you would like to submit a complaint please contact the Children's Customer Relations Team:

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Surrey Children's and Safeguarding Service

We provide a joined-up service across social care and education, with professionals working in integrated teams based locally. There are clear points of access to our services and a Countywide focus to protect vulnerable children.

We provide advice and support for schools and other settings, and also a range of services for children and young people who are vulnerable or who have additional needs.

Children's Social Care

We cover Adoption, Fostering, Assessments, Child Protection, Children with Disabilities including information about the Surrey Children's Disability Register, Looked After Children and Young People, Family Centres etc.

Children's Social Care

Children's Safeguarding Service

Our purpose is to ensure that every child and young person will be safe, happy and healthy and have the personal confidence, skills and opportunities to contribute.

The Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership is a partnership of all the different organisations working to protect children and young people across the county.

Children's Safeguarding Service

Education and Lifelong Learning

We are responsible for education planning and leadership, early years and childcare services, school meals and catering.

The Schools and Learning Service are responsible for the following:


We will have strategic overview of all external spends in the directorate, ensuring that there is an understanding of need and outcome and an appraisal of the best means of delivery before we invest council money. To do this effectively the unit will monitor the performance of Children, Families and Lifelong Learning and contracts and the quality of practice with children, with specific responsibility in relation to social care practice.

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