Electric vehicle charging points

a white electric car plugged into a charging point on a main street

A greener future for Surrey

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to reduce their carbon footprint. It is estimated that the county will need 10,000 electric vehicle chargepoints by 2030, when the government's ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles comes into effect.

A comprehensive network of publicly accessible chargepoints is essential for supporting residents in their transition to electric vehicles and helping the county achieve its goal of being net carbon zero by 2050. However, currently 40% of Surrey households do not have access to off-street parking to install their own chargepoints.

Surrey County Council are in the process of completing the installation of the first 80 chargepoints in four boroughs in Surrey, find out more on the on-street electric vehicle chargepoint roll-out webpage.

Funding has now been approved for a further 110 charge points across six boroughs (Runnymede, Mole Valley, Guildford, Woking, Spelthorne and Waverley), and the locations are being informed by previous suggestions from residents through the Surrey EV charge point map.

Have your say

We want your suggestions on where you would like to see new chargepoints in Surrey. This could be somewhere near your house, or somewhere you visit regularly like a shopping area or community space.

Suggestions can be made via the Surrey EV chargepoint map by clicking the 'have your say' button on the top right of the web page.

Why should we move to electric vehicles?

In Surrey, 46% of carbon emissions come from transport, and cutting that is key to tackling the causes of climate change. We all need to work together to reduce our emissions and become a net carbon zero county, and to achieve our vision of creating clean, safe and green communities for our residents.

For more information about electric vehicles visit our electric vehicles web page.

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