Please help to support newly planted trees

Since 2019, over 333,749 trees have been planted across Surrey

Surrey County Council remains on target in its work with communities, residents and partners to facilitate the planting of 1.2 million trees in Surrey, one for every resident, by 2030, supporting the Council's aim to be carbon neutral by 2050. Since the launch of the initiative in 2019, over 333,749 trees have been planted across Surrey, with just under 45,600 trees planted this tree planting season.

Increased tree planting helps communities to fight the effects of climate change. Hedgerow saplings are great for capturing pollution, reducing noise, mitigating flooding, and providing food and shelter to wildlife. Larger trees, that you see in residential verges help to absorb CO2 and provide shade.

However, newly planted trees are suffering in the current drought so we are calling out to local communities to help where they can.

New trees need 10 Litres of water per day during dry spells (one regular bucket) for 3 years to help them grow to maturity. As many of us face restrictions on water usage we encourage the use of grey (recycled) water such as used washing up water, rainwater or even bath water, this will greatly help to keep new trees alive.

So, if you have any newly planted trees near your property or pass them on your daily walk, please water them. Why not get the neighbours involved as well, take it turns, get the children engaged so they can do their bit for their future, make it a community thing!

You can find further information on the Arboricultural Association website

And if you have a verge that would be suitable, we are always looking for appropriate new sites to plant our trees, so please check out what the criteria is and fill in the request form, which can be found at Planting trees on the highway

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