Career pathways in Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Our Career Pathways scheme is designed to help you achieve your short and long-term career goals. This could include achieving qualifications or improving job-related skills such as managing people, time management, etc.

The key principles of our Career Pathways scheme are aligned to Surrey's 'People Strategy, Talent Strategy and Promotions Framework'. We aim to assist employees with the following:

  • Move from one function to another to enable career opportunities.
  • Create a clear and fair process that underpins the Promotions Framework and is informed by the NFCC Core Learning Pathways.
  • Discover a pathway for all functions and ranks within Support staff, On-call, Response, and Community Resilience
  • Taking own responsibility for learning and involving ourselves in coaching and mentoring, our well-being, and career opportunities
  • Working with others internally and externally.

Our Career Pathways scheme is in development but will be available for all staff soon. We have a Mentoring scheme that will also assist staff to achieve their goals. For more details on this mentoring scheme, check out our Mentoring Page.

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