Mentoring in Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Our Mentoring Scheme is designed to enable everyone within Surrey Fire and Rescue Service to ask for a helping hand in their career. An experienced member of staff will act as a guiding presence for you. Our staff are dedicated to helping others and making a difference, both in work and with each other. The Mentoring Scheme will build upon that dedication.

We hope to enable talented individuals to reach their full potential by supporting others stepping into new roles, undergoing promotion, or maybe just upskilling in their current role. We have experienced and talented staff who have volunteered to share their valuable experience to others and become a Mentor.

The aim of this scheme is to be a long-term strategy that values people's aspirations and supports their goals and enables them to progress as far as they need to in their careers.

This scheme underpins our People and Talent Strategies, and our forthcoming Career Pathways initiative.

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