Home fire safety detectors

A fire can occur at any time of the day. They spread very quickly, damaging property and can injure or even kill people. Smoke alarms can save your life, but only if you have them and test them regularly. One smoke alarm is not enough, you should have at minimum one on each floor, but we recommend more than this.

Carbon monoxide detectors are equally important to have in your home. They should be installed in every room with a gas or solid fuel heating or cooking appliance.

Please note that if you live in rented accommodation it is up to your landlord to ensure that you have the correct alarms installed, however you should still ensure that they are tested regularly.

Ionisation and Optical smoke alarms are recommended to be installed in most areas such as living rooms, hallways, landings and dining rooms. In rooms such as kitchens, garages and immediately outside of a bathroom you should install heat alarms, as these will not be triggered by steam and dust.

Make sure any alarms you purchase are marked with a British Standards or European (CE) safety mark which shows that they are approved, tested and safe. Choose smoke alarms with a 10 year or long lasting sealed battery.

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