Youth engagement scheme

What is the Youth Engagement Scheme? (YES)

YES is an early intervention for young people at risk of exclusion from education. The aim is to help young people in Surrey to make better choices when they return to their place of education. Using firefighting activities such as running out a hose, wearing breathing apparatus and using ladders, we aim to increase the young person's self esteem, resilience, grit and determination.

We celebrate the achievements of the group and the individuals, and show them that 'Together We Can'.

Who is eligible?

Young people aged between 13 and 16 years old, who meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Lower than 80% attendance at school or their place of education
  • At risk of exclusion
  • Involved in (or at risk of involvement in) anti-social behaviour/youth crime
  • Low self esteem/motivation
  • Will benefit from physical activities, group interaction and positive role models

Making a referral

For more information about the scheme and how to make a referral please email:

All referrals will be individually assessed at a referral panel meeting as to each young person's suitability to attend a YES course.

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