Fire safety in historic and listed buildings

In Surrey, we have over 6000 listed buildings, most are Grade II, about 350 are Grade II*, and just over one hundred are Grade l premises.

Fires in these buildings can be devastating, not just because of the loss of the contents but also because there is a loss to the country's heritage.

Due to the construction of these old buildings, a small fire can escalate very quickly and spread through hidden voids and cavities, frequently accelerated by features such as wood panelling.

Request a Fire Safety Officer visit

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service work with building owners and managers to reduce the likelihood of these fires happening by providing on-site advice. The information we gather during these visits helps us to pre-plan a response should an emergency occur and make sure the right resources are deployed immediately.

If you are an owner or manager of one of these Listed Buildings, you can request a visit by a Fire Safety Officer who can advise on measures which may improve the safety of the occupants and the building.

These may include water supplies, salvage plans, access, any simple remedies for the possible lesser standard of compartmentation etc.

Contact us to book a fire safety visit for a Grade 1 or II* building

Further information

For information about how you might prevent an incident involving your Listed Building, please download a free example of a Listed Buildings Fire Pack below.

Owners of Grade II listed buildings can book a safe and well visit instead.

You can find out more about listed buildings and conservation areas in Surrey.

To assist you in preparing for an incident involving your premises, you can download a free example of a Listed Buildings Fire Pack below.

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